Tuesday, 11 September 2007

How much sleep is your child getting?

Today the Grade 5 teachers asked the question:
What time did you get to sleep last night?
Three of the students answered after 12.00am! Here is a link to an important online article about sleep http://www.sciencenewsforkids.org/articles/20060913/Feature1.asp
When the teachers asked why those three students were up so late on a school night, the answers were, 'Playing on the Internet' and 'Watching a DVD'.
Here is a quote from the article:
"But just because you can stay up late, doesn't mean you should, scientists say. Young people who don't get enough sleep are often late for school, or they miss it completely, says a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). Sleepy kids tend to be cranky and unhappy. And their grades suffer."
As the class teachers, we recommend to go to bed no later than 9.00pm.


Nicole said...
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Bertumbuh Bersama said...

Whoa! Sleeping at midnight??? How could they function during the day? How could they concentrate or focus inside class room?

We made a rule that we wouldn't go to sleep before our kids and that we'd like to tuck our kids in and pray with them.

Most of the time our kids go to bed at 8:30 and when they're tired, they would go to bed at 8! It takes a lot of discipline and consistency, but trust me, it's really worth it when your kids get enough sleep! They are generally happier, healthier, smarter, more alert, more respectful....

Maria D